Red haired girl dating

In the 16th and 17th centuries they were believed to be witches.

And finally, according to Mark Twain, redheads are derived from cats. They can absorb more sunlight than any other hair color even when it’s cloudy, so redheads are basically like Superman. Werner Habermehl, redheads have more sex than ANY other hair colors. Much like ginger goddess Florence Welch, redheads OWN the hippy vibe. Gingers are known to have fiery tempers, so don’t expect a serene life living with one. Ariel and Merida pretty much kick every simpering blonde princesses' ass.

Throughout history redheads have amazed and fascinated people.

Redheads don't don't go grey, instead their hair gradually fades as they get older; turning lighter then eventually white. This means they create more vitamin D than anyone else. It’s got to be because they’re all so damn attractive.

Years of torment can only mean ginger girls know how to laugh at themselves. Their Titian beauty made redheads the ultimate muse for the famous pre-Raphaelite movement.

It’s even more strange that everyone thinks redheads aren’t attractive when we are surrounded by hot celebrity redheads: Mean Girls-era Lindsay Lohan, Amy Adams, Rose Leslie, Ewan Mc Gregor, Lily Cole, Isla Fisher, Christina Hendricks, Prince Harry, Julianne Moore, Paul Bettany.

Hollywood, not known for being particularly accepting of diversity, has welcomed these gingers with open arms.

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